Chinese Team Shows Integral Superiority
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  The Chinese National System Secures the Integral Superiority

  It’s the integral superiority that grants the Chinese Surdiman Cup this time. There are 21 world’s champions in the Chinese team. And thus experts say that if there were an international united team, it would still not a easy task for the united team to defeat the Chinese.

  For the time being, badminton doesn’t develop well in most countries. The team of Indonesia and the team of Denmark did not forge real threats because their feeble women’s items. And the Korean squad is becoming older and suffers from the temporal shortage of young shuttlers. Under Chinese national system, a lot of promising young shuttlers are rounded up to have long term focused training in the Chinese national team and are sent out to experience the world’s major tournament. It can be concluded that no a single country and area can match China in terms of cultivating a sport.

  The line-up in Men’s Single’s Has been Formed

  The new generation of Chinese men’s singles shuttlers, with Lin Dan and Bao Chunlai as their representatives, have nowadays secure their position in the international realm of badminton. Ranked high in the world, they have ever been eliminated early in the Athens Olympics with bad performances. The major reason for that is they have not been mature. But in the Surdiman Cup, Lin Dan struggled with the Olympic Champion Indonesian Taufik for nearly one hour and whitewashed the opponent at a straight 2-0, which showed great advances in his mental strength, self-control and experience.

  Men’s doubles is for a long time the soft place of the Chinese team. But the situation changed after the appearances of Cai Yun/Fu Haifeng and Sang Yang/Zheng Bo. Cai Yun and Fu Haifeng even have ever won consecutively in the Genman Open and All England this year. Doubtlessly, all these shuttlers will constitute the lineup in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

  Women’s Items: Problems Exist under Prosperity

  The women’s squad in the Chinese badminton team now has an abundance of talents. But such advantage has also limited the development of the women’s squad. For the need of matches, the coaches dare not practice young shuttlers freely. Zhang Ning is now 30; Gao He and Yang Wei are both 26. They are the kingpins in this Surdiman Cup. But we must put a query on whether they can carry on until 2008.

  The biggest problem the women’s squad is facing is that there isn’t a young promising shuttler like Lin Dan. What’s more; according to some experts in the field of Chinese badminton, some women shuttlers in the national team should still reinforce their basic skills. Generally speaking, it takes a young shuttler 5-8 years to become mature. Without years of struggles, no one can stand the competitions in the realm of badminton.

  Consequently, how to grant the young shuttlers chances of matching in major matches and how to improve their basic skills are the urgent task for the Chinese badminton at present. For that reason, the principal coach of Chinese badminton team Li Yongbo said:“We will expedite the cultivations of young generation and there comes good successors soon.”



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