Losing the Cup, Taufik Crys
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  Netease Sport Channel, May 15, 2005. Taufik was depressed after his last return in this Surdiman Cup.

  Over the net, Lin Dan didn’t exchange the handshake with Taufik right away. Strangely he ran to the audiences and tapped hands with his teammates first. Then he returned and finished the routine symbolic handshake of friendship with Taufik. Shaking the hands, Lin Dan said in English“Thank you”and Taufik seemed to have some reply.

  This match between Lin Dan and Taufik was the top match since the end of the Athens Olympic Games. Lin Dan is not the world’s No.1 while Taufik is the Olympic Champion. However, this was not the match of nip and tuck. It was set in only two games. Especially at the end of the 2nd game, Taufik was seemingly distracted and a lot of initiative misplays were shown and buried the last hope for the Indonesian at 0-2.

  Taufik became the footnote for the Chinese wonder and the Indonesian Team was the closest by-stander to the celebration of integrating the 3 cups. Their frustration was understandable. Though all the members of Chinese waved to thank the Indonesians, the whole Indonesian team was so depressed that Taufik lost his beautiful smile and Natsir was just about to cry.  

  Just after the awarding, Taufik began shed tears. Accompanied by his coach, he went out of the court and sat quiet alone. Towels and sweat-soaked clothes could not stop springy tears. Coaches came to sooth him and he tried hard to smile to respond with his tears still shedding.

  Just two days before, Tauki swore to defeat Lin Dan lordly. His coach said after match that it was common to say something to increase the confidence and morale before the match and it was also understandable for Taufik to cry after the match. Taufik is a boy of strong character.

  Before the closing of the Surdiman Cup, the Indonesian team withdrew and returned to the hotel directly, leaving only the coach to response the medias.“They are exhausted after the match and so they return to the hotel at once.”the coach said and began his analysis on their loss.“The defeat of the mixed doubles has very bad influence on the morale. We would have chance otherwise. Widianto and Natsir obviously could not hit their stride today, unlike in the match against Denmark. We know we have no chance in women’s singles and doubles and consequently out will collapsed after the loss of the mixed doubles.”

  With a lost mixed double lost, the pressure on Taufik in the ensuing match was not hard to imagine. The will of the Olympic champion was cracked down instantly when Lin Dan made a reversal when Taufik reached the game point first in the 1st game. The now coach Hendrawan said:“Taufik gave good performance today in fact and had the chance to win in the 1st game. But Lin Dan’s performance today was perfect. Lin did perfectly well in his smashes and drops and succeeded in tiring Taukif by maneuvering.”

  “After all we are the runner-up after we won the strong Danes. That’s still a wonder for us. As for the 0-3 defeat against China, Chinese team is invincible at present.”Hendrawan sighed.


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wonderful match always with tears


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wonderful match always with tears


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