First Victory For Chinese Badminton Team
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  Reported by Netease Sports Channel, May 10, 2005 Beijing time, the 9th Doublestar Sudirman Cup takes the field at Beijing Capital Gymnasium at Beijing Capital Gymnasium. In the first round China encounters Sweden in group B. This is the 6th time that China plays against Sweden. Before this match, China keeps an all-victory record in the matches against Sweden.

  The first game is the mixed doubles, in which Chen Qiqiu and Zhao Tingting face Bergstrom & Persson from Sweden. As the game is the debut of Chinese team, it is surrounded by 10 thousand or more Chinese badminton fans, which is the first climax since the commencement of the 9th Doublestar Sudirman Cup.

  Submerged in waves of chants and cheers from home audiences, Chen and Zhao, full of vigor, make a perfect beginning 5 to nil. But the Swedish manage to control the situation and strikes two consecutive score by exploiting the misplays of the Chinese. Afterwards, each team manages to gain a score and the result then is 6 to 3. Then Chen Qiqiu secure two points by his ferocious consecutive kills and make the Chinese side continue to take the lead 8 to 3. After that point the agile moving and high clear tactic of the Chinese leave no chances to Swedish, 10 to 3, 11 to 3…until 15 to 3. It takes Chen Qiqiu and Zhao Tingting only 8 minutes to set the game.

  Bucking up, Bergstrom and Persson make the second game a grudge match in the very beginning. But it is Chen and Zhao score first but they later lose the service right to the Swedish who make consecutive 3 point by rushing. However, the misses of the Swedish are caught relentlessly and bring the game to a draw 3 to 3. But the Swedish team manages to fight the service back and add 3 points to their score. Chen and Zhao then fellow the Swedish score closely by strike another 2 points but consecutive misplays by Zhao spoil the good situation. 6 to 10, the Swedish take the lead. A point was gain separately by the two team 7 to 11 and Swedish secure there position by a extra score 7 to 12. But Chinese Chen Qiqiu fight the service back by powerful kills in this crucial point and seek chances to make 3 critical points. 10 to 12. Afterwards, the misjudgment of Bergstrom gives the Chinese a favor. The score is 11 to 12. Chen Qiqiu’s fake bring the service back to Chinese side and two continuous scores are made due to the frequent Swedish misplays. The two powerful kills from Chen Qiqiu finally set the game.

  In this way, Chen Qiqiu and Zhao Tingting succeed in beating Swedish Bergstrom & Persson and grant the Chinese team the first score.

  The second match is men’s singles, in which the world’s No. 1 shuttler Chinese Lin Dan plays against the Swedish R Wengberg.

  At the very beginning of the game, Lin makes a score without much trouble. Then follows a frequent exchange of services. But Lin Dan casually enlarges the disparity to a 3 to nil and continues to take the lead. That ensues 2 points by Wengberg. 3 to 2. But his mood is apparently affected by the warning of misconduct from the umpire as he put his racket against a ad post when the game is suspended, which results in a serials of misses. The result is then 6 to 2 in Chinese favor. After that, Lin succeeds in drop spiking Wengberg’s backhand and brings the game to a 8 to 2. But two powerful smashes from Wengberg grant him two points; 8 to 4 and he strike another 2 points at one fling. Catching up, the result is now 8 to 6. An unsuccessful backhand cross court makes Wengberg lose the service right to Lin, who takes the chance and robs 4 consecutive points and continues to lead the game at 12 to 6. Afterwards, despite all hard effort by Wengberg, Lin finishes the first game at 15 to 6, great disparity in the strength being the major problem.

  The second of this men’s singles starts with a first score by Wengberg and is shortly made a tie by Lin Dan; one all. Then 5 to 1 in Chinese favor is seen after 4 scores stroke separately by 3 drop shots and heavy smash by Lin Dan. Seemingly, Lin espies his rival’s soft place and continuously scores by outspeeding Wengberg. The game continues, 6 to 1 and then 6 to 3. In tough corner Wengberg manages to catch up a little. Then Lin scores by hairpin shot; 7 to 3 then adds two extra points 9 to 3. The game is just on Lin’s palm, scoring consecutively by drops; 12 to 3. However, Lin’s misplays give Wengberg 3 points, 12 to 6 and Wengberg manages to score another point by drop shot, 12 to 7. Casually, Lin reaches the game point at 14 to 7. A bad smash by Wengberg,grants Lin Dan the winning of the second game at 15 to 8.

  The third match is women’s singles between Chinese Olympic champion Zhang Ning and Swedish Bergblom.

  The bristling Bergblom, makes two scores by heavy smashes at the start of the match. But Zhang Ning soon gets the situation under control and surpasses her rival at 3 to 2. Apparently, Zhang has not adjusted to the court and grants Bergblom 5 scores in one fling. 3 to 7. After that point, Zhang warms up gradually, and scores 4 points by accuracy of placement and brings the match to a 7 to 7 draw. Thanks to the bad mood of Bergblom, Zhang wins the first round at 11 to 7.

  Bergblom obviously cannot recover from the failure of the first round, which ends in a 0 to 8 lose to her rival Zhang at the beginning. Another two deadly misses by Bergblom brings Zhang to the match point. A kill by Zhang Ning finishes this game of great of great disparity at 11 to nil.

  The fourth match is men’s doubles between Chinese Fu Haifeng &Cai Yun and Swedish Andersson & Bergstrom.

  The first round approaches its climax in a short time, but the game is always under the Chinese’s control. At the beginning, Fu Haifeng scores by a heavy smash and take the lead at 1 to nil and add two other scores to reach 3 to 0. After the alternation of services, the Swedish catch up and manage to score a point: 3 to 1. Then the Chinese raise a wave of 6 to 0 assault, enlarging the disparity greatly at 9 to 1. Then the Swedish catch up by 4 scores; 9 to 5. Bergstrom misses in retrieving a short drop and loses the right of service. The Chinese strike a score; 10 to 5. After that, a sudden clear overhead service by Fu Haifeng results in the misjudgment in the Swedish side; 11 to 5. Afterwards, the Chinese continue to score through their iron defense and reach the game point at 14 to 5. A miss in Andersson’s fault return ends the match at 15 to 5. The Chinese team wins the first round.

  Fu haifeng’s backcourt heavy smash grants the Chinese the first point in the beginning of the second round of men’s doubles. But the lead is soon compromised by Cai’s bad retrieving of short shot, one all. Then the Chinese regain the lead due to a miss in Andersson’s backhand cross court; 2 to 1. Fu’s powerful smashes then secure two points; 4 to1. Afterward, the strapping Swedish has no chances against Cai and Fu’s agile moving and accuracy of placement, 6 to 1. However the Swedish can still make a point, 6 to 2, but the Swedish stop at the point of two. The final result of this round is 15 to 2 and thus the Chinese team takes the lead at 4 to 0 in total score with a great disparity.

  The last match is women’s singles between Gao Ling & Huang Sui and Bergblom & Persson. This is a match of no suspension. The adept cooperation of the Chinese leave no room for their rivals and wrap the match with two 15 to 4. The Chinese team give the Swedish a land sliding defeat.



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